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New Products from the desk of Jim Daniels...

Quick... what's the number one selling niche on the web?

Answer: The "Make Money" niche! 

It's virtually a license to print money.

Nothing sells better online than a well-researched, professionally produced product about making money online.

The problem is, it can take weeks or even months to create a top-quality product.  

That's why I brought you here today.

To give you the opportunity to make my newest product - your newest product! 

This is a high-quality package you can proudly stamp your name on. 

Something that not only shows you how to make more money online, but a product you can sell as your own, and help others make more money.

And best of all...

You can do whatever you want with it! 

You can sell it as is, you can put your name on it, and even add your affiliate links if you want. In fact, you can make all the changes your heart desires. 

And yes, you can sell the rights to others, meaning you'll finally be on the top of the food chain for a change. No matter what you decide to do, you keep 100% of the profits from every sale!

Here's exactly what you'll find in the package...

Passion Driven Wealth Inside Passion Driven Wealth you'll discover the secrets to turning virtually anything you're passionate about into a new source of income.

Everyone has something they are passionate about, why not take your passion and make it your living?

After all, when you are working your passion, you're never truly working!
Brain Shift from Employee to Entrepreneur In Brainshift: From Employee to Entrepreneur you'll see what it takes to make the move from working a 9-5 job, to becoming your own boss.

I made the shift myself over a decade ago, and it all started with a small change in my perception of things at work. Most people don't realize that this monumental shift all hinges on a thought process that has been kept from employees for centuries.

This is must have information if you want your own business.
7 Fast Cash Methods Online Inside 7 Fast Cash Methods Online you'll uncover seven ways to earn some real money without having to do a lot of setup work or marketing.

Growing a business takes time but not everyone has that time. Some people need some money faster, and this is far better than borrowing money or taking a meaningless job.

These strategies work every time, you just have to decide which one or which ones you want to use.
Trending Business Models In Trending Web Business Models you'll get and stay ahead of the curve.

You'll discover what online business methods and strategies the insiders are using today, and more importantly what business models they'll be using tomorrow!

This ebook, along with the others in this package, comes with unrestricted PLR so that you can earn in multiple ways and keep 100% of the profits to yourself.

Here are a few ways you can use this package (in addition to learning from it!):

check  Sell each ebook or the entire package as is, or after making any changes you want
check  Add the products to a membership site to increase your passive income
check  Use the package behind low-cost front end offers and sales funnels, as an upsell
check  Use as a bonus for email optin list signups or your next big affiliate product promo
check  Combine with other products to make your own new and unique package
check  Sell the resale rights as part of your front end offer, or as an upsell in your sales funnel

No matter what you do, you keep 100% of every sale. 

Just think of the possibilities. I'll bet you already have many more money making strategies in mind!

Now I can already hear you thinking...

Sounds Good, But How Much Is It Jim?

Well, the last two PLR deals I did were priced at $297 and $201, and literally hundreds of folks jumped on those deals. But even with the 3-payment plans I offered, I had a lot of folks contact me who could not swing that premium price.

So this time around I'm doing something different. 

I'm making this package available to my BizWeb eGazette readers for a single payment of $67. That's a real bargain for something of this quality with unrestricted rights.

And I'm going a step further for my folks on my early bird list (that's you!). 

To make it easier for you to get in on this, I'm slashing that price by another 50%!

That's right, you read that correctly... pay just $33.50 today and it's yours to use as you please! 

You just need to get in before this special early-bird deal ends in...

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Q: Are The Rights Really Unrestricted?

While the rights are unrestricted, there are a couple of things you cannot do. So please read this paragraph carefully. You can sell the package as is. You can sell the ebooks separately. You can change the content to make your own package or packages. You can even sell the rights to others. However you cannot use my name or company name in the product, sales material or advertising. You also cannot use income claims in your sales copy or anywhere else. (You know those scammy headlines like "Make $1,000 a day" and such.) If you do either of those things, you forfeit your license.

Q: What Exactly Will I Receive?

You get all four ebooks in PDF format, plus the OpenOffice files that can be easily edited. You also get as a bonus, lifetime access to my personal web graphic creation tool at (a $67 value). This web based tool allows you to easily make graphics like my headline and my add to cart graphics on this page. You can use it for any site or sales page you have forever!

Q: Can I Use Your Ebook Cover Images, Jim?

A: Sure you can. But in my experience, renaming the ebooks and having new covers made is the best way to brand them as your own. To make that fast and really cheap, inside the package you'll find the exact fiverr gig I used, along with a great gig for a killer squeeze page, sales video and more. That way you can have a truly custom and unique package, not the same thing everyone else has, like with most plr deals.

Q: Are There Any Upsells, Downsells If I Buy This?

There are No Upsells and No Downsells. I'm not a fan of squeezing my customers for every penny. You're getting everything you need. As soon as your order is placed, you will get instant access and you can activate your new revenue stream right away. 

Q: How Long Will This Special Deal Be Available?

Not long. I want to keep this exclusive in nature. The bottom line... if this is something that interests you, I suggest you get in today.

I hope all your questions have been addressed, but if not, just use my customer support link below. I look forward to helping you open a new revenue stream TODAY!

Jim Daniels

P.S. The only way you can lose here is if you walk away empty-handed... This really is the easiest way to get all the benefits of having your own product without any of the hassles and stresses that usually come with it.


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